Flying Her Home: 1,000 Miles After 500+ Shop Days

Flying Her Home: 1,000 Miles After 500+ Shop Days

“Kali the Bonanza” was purchased in April of 2022. After an array of registration issues with the FAA, the plane was picked up by Waypoint Aviation in Riverside California (KRAL). After finding some cylinder issues, I decided it was time to upgrade from the Continental IO-520 to the IO-550. Months of waiting for a factory new engine, installation time, waiting on parts, and some serious magnetos issues meant it was more than 500 days between when I purchased the airplane to when I was able to fly it for the first time.

There were several test and training flights in the days leading up to this 1,000+ mile journey, so I had good confidence that we would make it without issue.

Departing KRAL we had some low clouds. They were definitely not high enough for me to feel comfortable making it through Cajon pass, so after looking at the airspace, and the terrain on the map, I figured if I headed towards palm springs I might be able to find clear skies, or lower terrain. I was able to find some clear skies in that area, enough so that I could fly over the clouds at around 11,000 feet, and was able to see the ground on the other side of the mountains. Was very glad I had my Mountain High Oxygen System on board with me.

On the journey we experienced fuel cap issues, forcing an immediate landing in Porterville, awesome approach and center controllers along the way, beautiful scenery, and a door popping open on the runway at Crater Lake/Klamath Falls Regional Airport.

A few small squawks were noted along the way but this amazing time machine was an amazing ride across the country.

Flying Her Home: 1,000 Miles After 500+ Shop Days from Wings Over PNW on YouTube.

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